• How do logistics costs impact on the price of the product? Is the warehouse too small?
    Is there not enough room for goods?

    Why a new line produces less than it should?Why are we always late with deliveries? These are questions that can be answered by Vistra, solving most of your logistical and organizational problems.

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  • Vistra, thanks to international experience gained over the years, is able to intervene in a transversal way on processes, highlighting gaps and inefficiencies by monitoring logistics costs and proposing solutions: technical , structural and organizational, optimized for each customer. With Vistra method logistics projects are developed in cooperation with companies: the project manager manages an integrated team including customer resources, facilitating the transfer of methods and knowledge.
  • The services Vistra offers are:

    • Reduction of intralogistics costs.
    • Increasing of Logistics Process Efficiency
    • Logistics master plan design to support growth / contraction of business.
    • Audit on internal and suppliers logistics.
    • Lean Projects.
    • Monitoring of logistics costs.
    • Lay-out Planning.
    • Development of concepts for storage systems.
    • Planning of systems and equipment for material handling.
    • Optimization of internal and external logistics.