safety on the Job

  • Safety at the workplace is a must

    Prevent risks and damage through specialised consulting and supervision. Accidents and professional disease are a social problem to fight and a huge cost for companies

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  • The services Vistra offers are:
    • Legislative update;
    • Deadline management;
    • Continuous support (also through remote web based software);
    • Dedicated and specific Newsletter;
    • Technical expertise for machinery/equipment, CE Marking, sworn expert;
    • Risk evaluation: general, chemical, cancerogenic, noise, vibrations, microclimate, artificial optical radiation, electromagnetic fields, lighting assessments, manual load handling, movements and repeated efforts upper limbs, work related stress, fire, explosive atmosphere; all physical agents risk assessment (including flow and intake systems flow measurement);
    • HSE Management and in detail for Italy:
    • - RSPP: mandate for external Safety manager
      - Renewal of the Fire Prevention Certificate;
    • Planning and implementation of management systems for Occupational
      Safety and Health in accordance with OHSAS 18001;
    • SE: safety Coordinator for design stage and for construction and commissioning;
    • POS: preparation of Health and Safety Plan;
    • PSC: Preparation of Coordination Safety Plan;