In a market always more competitive and globalized the ethical dimension is a distinctive element and corroborating, a moral obligation for companies who aspire to leadership. Since its establishment Vistra has developed a code of ethics to which employees and inspired every day:
1. Only with respect for the person and for his work excellence can be reached.
2. The environment is "the true heritage to be preserved," not only through the day by day compliance with the rules, but also with the conviction that sensitive issues such as the exploitation of resources, energy conservation, respect for the planet are fundamental to future generations.
3. The excellence and success does not depend on the contribution of the individual, but you will get only through the joint efforts of a group.
4. "Sharing knowledge" because only through
the mutual exchange of ideas value is created.
5. Rewarding diversity as the international and multicultural experiences enriches.
6. Be "customer oriented" means creating specific and customized answers to customer needs for each company.
7. "Being there" to establish a long-term relationship with the customer.
8. Innovate to compete, thanks to new technologies and continuous professional updating.